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Join Us and march in the Camellia Festival Parade 2015

02/17/2015, 12:45am PST
By Kelly Sandhagen
Hi all-
The Camellia Parade is this Saturday and we are marching!
What is it?
The Camellia Parade is Temple City's big civic pride event and is the biggest event of next weekend's Camellia Festival
The Parade consists of youth groups from in and around TC
We will be marching down Las Tunas (starting around Encinitas and ending about Camellia)
Kids, available coaches, and perhaps a few team moms/dads will be marching (parents, in general, are asked not to march)
Why are we doing it?
To increase awareness of MVPolo in the TC community and publicize what we do.
All TC civic officials will be present and the event will be broadcast on local cable TV
What exactly are we doing?
Assembling at 9:15-9:30am this Saturday, Feb 21, wearing MVPolo gear, and carrying the MVPolo Banner, and marching down Las Tunas.  Parade starts at 10:00am 
Coaches- please do your best to publicize the event with both players and parents so we can achieve maximum attendance.
Team parents -  I would appreciate it if you would do your best to talk the event up with other parents.
Here is a link to the City Web Page for more information about the parade and festival:
Look forward to having you all march in the parade!

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